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I know the picture above is meant to symbolize all of us. A woman with vision. But I think That when YOU have, as I have,.. worked sunrise to sunset

And you have done THIS Because you just keyed in that last sequence and are just REALLY hoping it will work..and it doesn't you are still serching for that vision, but feel more like you look like THIS at 4AM when you are saying to yourself.."ONE more code one more try"so now your brain feels alot like THIS Because you have been waiting for one of THESE to strike with an idea. SUDDENLY... some thing comes to you and it WORKS !!! So now you make one of THESE faces at the if to say " there neener neener, I did it !! So to all of you, I say "thank you" and ask that you keep the following in mind.Your work, your time and efforts have meaning. You have value. You bring joy to others and inspire them also to create as you have, a place to display thoughts and creativity for the world to see. What more could any any of us hope to achieve ?

nancy ( aka aaa-na )